Daylight Savings Time - Fix program

Here is a program from Microsoft that will allow you to fix the registry entries for time zone and dst control. It allows you to change the start and end date for daylight savings time in each time zone you use. Since a lot of the registry data concerning time zones and dst are in a binary format, it is not recommended that you try to change the registry entries manually. This program handles all of the registry info for you. DST now starts on the 2nd Sunday in March and runs to the first Sunday in November. Click on the link below to download the program.


Tzedit.hlp (help file)


Here are some programs that will help with AD and SPY ware. SPYBOT is especially recommended....

Spybot has been updated to 1.3 - please redownload this new version and install over the old version. The old version (1.2) does not update anymore!

SpyBot - This program removes an assortment of Ad ware, Spy bots and trojans. These are things that your virus scanner will not pick up. You get adware & spyware from visiting websites. One example of this is I initially allowed this program to install because I liked the smiley faces you could attach to your email. But after I installed it, I started getting pops ups, crashes and a ton more of junk email. Not worth the smiley faces. And then you find out that uninstalling is a real pain and it doesn't uninstall totally. Some of the gaming sites also install spyware on your computer so they can track where you go on the web. You actually agree to this when you click ok on their License Agreement (which no one reads right?). You should read the agreement sometime. For example, if you allow Gator to install, you agreed to not only allow them to track your web visits, but also download your name, what software you run on your computer (and I mean all software) and a variety of other things. All legal too since you clicked ok. Normally these little gems run in the background and you never know they are there. But recently we have seen a number of these nasties start crashing systems, hijacking web browsers and performing other unwanted functions. In the past 24 hours, I have used SpyBot to clean 4 different computers and all of them had spyware on them. All of them were experiencing problems and all of them were cleaned and started operating properly once cleaned. This is a must have tool for your computer toolkit!

  • Communisat OnCall Support - Server 133 - All Communisat OnCall Support Users
  • Communisat OnCall Support - Server 167 - All Communisat OnCall Support Users
  • Fix netsh - All Communisat OnCall Support Users
  • SpyBot 1.4 - new as of 10/25/05 - All Users
  • Ad-Aware SE - All Users
  • AVG Virus Scanner 7.x - All Users
  • Mail Washer - All Users
  • HiJack This - Advanced Users
  • Registry Protect - Advanced Users
  • Rootkit Revealer - Advanced Users

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