Can't Let Go

We are with you Cal!

This awesome song was written by Bill Heinowski for one of our brothers on Collaboration Central, Cal. A host of talented musicians took part in this internet collaboration. I think you will find it a very inspiring number. Thanks Bill for making it possible for me to take part in this.

Lyrics & Music - Bill Heinowski
Acoustic Guitar - Bill Heinowski
Vocals - Paul Townsend
Backing Vocals - Andy (roughdiamond)
Pedal Steel - Tom D
Piano & Hammond - Jeff (learjeff)
Electric Guitars - Sergio Valdez
Electric Guitars - Mark Connors
Bass Guitar - Bobby Watson
Drums - Johnnie

Can't Let Go - 5.14 meg)


I got here as soon as they called me
I came just as fast as I could
But nothing they said could prepare me for the scene
They've wired you up like an astronaut
Strapped you right down to the bed
And all that they'll say is it could be today, or next week

And it makes me so mad that I'm crazy
It makes me so sad I could cry
I love you so much that I can't let go
And too much to say good-bye

My mind flashes back to a man and a boy
Wrestlin' 'round on the living room floor
Or taking me down to a movie on Saturday night
Helping me out with my homework
When you'd already done a hard day
And picking me up when I fell, saying *It's all right*

It's not the disease
Or the pain that's uneased
It's the end of a song I can't sing
But I want you to know
It's okay to let go
It's the good times I'm remembering

So I sit here in vigil beside you
In case you should wake up and call
And try to hold back on the tears that I'm feeling inside
And I'll tell all your tales to your grandkids
Take hold of your hand at the end
And try to be strong when you reach for that long endless night