Her Wedding Day

This is an internet collaboration from Bill. It's great song written by a friend of his. The lead on this one was a little challenging for me as I originally heard it as a straight country type lead. I was finally able to get my arms around this one and come up with a lead that better fit the idea of the song. Bill always does a fantastic job on his collabs. He is a great producer and a master at collabing. I always enjoy working on his stuff.

Lyrics & Music - Casey, adapted by Bill
Vocals & Backing Vocals - Casey/Bill/Darrell
Drums & Strings - Blues
Bass - Kenny B
Piano & Organ - Jeff
Pedal Steel - TomD
Acoustic Guitars - Bill
Elecric Guitars - Mark

Her Wedding Day - N-Track (160kbs wma - 6.7 meg)

Collaboration Site: Collaboration Central - Her Wedding Day