Runaway is a song I wrote with a lot of help from Roffel. Roffel came up with the words for the chorus and music and words for the break. Paul did a fantastic job of singing it and Sergio did some excellent lead work for us. I really appreciate everyone's help and patience on this one. I say their patience cause this song was almost a year in the making.

This song was also used in a mix clinic on Collaboration Central. See the link below for the clinic page. While we received many great mixes, my 2 favorites were from JHC and Cary. I have linked those 2 mixes below. JHC gave the vocals some special effects that really blew me away while Cary's mix shows what can be done in bringing a lot of instruments out of a mix. Thanks to all who participated and a special thanks to JHC and Cary for their help in this project.

Lyrics & Music - Mark/Roffel

Vocals - Paul Townsend

Drums, Bass, Keyboards - Roffel

First Chair Lead - Sergio Valdes

Second Chair Lead - Mark

Acoustic Guitars - Mark





Runaway - JHC Mix (160kbs wma - 5.5 meg)

Runaway - Cary Mix (192kbs wma - 6.7 meg)

Mix Clinic Info: Mix Clinic
Collaboration Site: Collaboration Central - Runaway



verse 1:
3 days out
I'm falling fast
just swirling down this hole

looking back
your reaching out
lord my heart is cold

there was a time
the stars was bright
but now I just feel old

and self deception
can keep you alive
these days it's all I own

Sometimes, just want to runaway
And now, running is all that I know
is there nowhere left to go
it all seems fake to me
is this all that I want to be

verse 2:
2 days out
still such doubt
just balanced on that line

memories fade
time slides away
casting for those ties that bind

rush ahead
so full of dread
could you say you were mine

it's not too late
not if it's fate
please come down in time


I never understood the fights
I never understood the signs
it's all just such a waste of time

3rd verse:
1 day out
just one more bout
I'm almost at the end

I hear you shout
and rail about
you needn't shed a tear

it won't be long
just this short little song
then sleep is on it's way

the time's so right
just say goodnight
tomorrow's another day