Strangely Familiar

I wrote the music for this song one winter afternoon in about 30 minutes. It just fell out. Lyrics and melody were another story! It has been through several versions, instrumental and with vox. Kevin Swanney laid down some excellent leadwork for the instrumental version. Cal and Andy have been working on the lyrics and vox versions. When I initially wrote this piece I had very specific vocal parts planned for it but I just could not get these to come out. So a big thanks to Cal and Andy for their help on the vox parts. The vox version is still being worked on (albiet slowly :) ).

Music - Mark Lyrics - Cal/Andy
Acoustic Guitars - Mark
Drums - Fred Leach
Bass - KennyB
Vocals - Andy (roughdiamond)
Electric Guitars - Kevin Swanney / Mark Connors

Strangely Familiar - Last vox version

Strangely Familiar Instrumental w/Kevin Swanney