What Was I Thinkin

This song was written by Learjeff. Jeff is one of those people that is fluent in guitar and keys, as well as other instruments. He writes some of the most intriguing and beautiful music. His guitar technique is just plain excellent! While this is one of my favorite tunes from him, I would be hard pressed to stop at recommending just one of his tunes. I haven't heard a bad one yet. So you will definetly want to visit his site and hear his other tunes. I promise, you won't be disappointed. So, after you give this tune a listen, jump over to Jeff's Tunes. And while you are there, make sure you listen to "Savannah". Warning: If you are drinking or eating, please put these things down before listening, as your jaw will continually be hitting the floor and we don't want you spilling your drink or food all over yourself :).

Now on to "What Was I Thinkin". This song was especially intriguing to me. The music and the melody are so soothing and flowing, yet the lyrics speak of a special anguish you acquire upon realizing a grave error. So while the music lulls you into that warm and fuzzy place, the lyrics keep pulling you back to reality. I get tingly everytime I hear it! Jeff originally released this song without any collab efforts. And I firmly believe it stands on it's on without any more help. But I could not resist the opportunity to take part in this magical number. This is by no means the final version. I will post a link to the final once Jeff has a final mix. At this moment, I do not know what will be included in the final mix. The track I link to below is my last mix. I tried my hand at some harmony vox, which I know will not be in the final mix. But I think most of the other stuff will be. So sit back, relax, and prepared to be whisked away to that place that only really special music can take you....Von Boyage! :)


Lyrics & Music - LearJeff

Vocals - LearJeff

Acoustic Guitar, Keys & Bass - LearJeff

Electric Guitar - Mark & LearJeff

What Was I Thinkin Final Version

What Was I Thinkin mlc audition (128kbs wma - 3.6 meg)

Collaboration Site: Not Available since the great crash of '04